(A seminar for Healthcare Professionals)

The most effective health-care organizations today focus on the whole person:  body, mind, spirit and emotion.  Moreover, informed patients are increasingly regarded as “partners” in the complex healing process, resulting in the diminishment of the traditional “gap” between healthcare provider and recipient, between health professional and patient.

This four-hour interactive seminar will focus on how healthcare organizations can excel in “branding” themselves in the public perception, and thus, gain the edge on the competition.

Seminar highlights include:
  • The Branding “Litmus Test”
  • The Hospitality, Hospital and Hospice Connection
  • Leadership that follows (“Servant Leadership”)
  • Building and Sustaining “Healing Partnerships”
  • Capitalizing on the Restorative Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • The Extraordinary Role of Humor, Aspiration, Curiosity and Trust in Healthcare Dynamics
  • Demonstrating the Organization’s Quality Culture: Internally and Externally