(In this case, applied to an Elder-Care context)

  1. Examine your own feelings, thoughts, experiences, and convictions
  2. Dialog with others. Identify obvious and perceived (potential) problems (Not solely from the administration’s point of view, but from the residents’ point of view).
  3. Throughout the dialog process, keep copious notes; collect data.
  4. Identify Core Values that will drive you, and your center’s operation toward desired goals.
  5. Organize Focus Groups: Residents, Residents’ family members, Staff (all levels)
  6. Utilize data from proven sources, e.g., The Eden Alternative, that demonstrates improved quality of life for both residents and co-workers, less medication, greater economy of work force, and maximization of human potential.
  7. Establish consensus of all parties re. the organization’s Core Values. Keep Core Values at a minimum, e.g., three to five.
  8. Co-create a Purpose Statement that uniquely, even audaciously, identifies your overall purpose to which all parties can relatae and aspire to accomplish. Keep this to one sentence.
  9. Co-create a Credo that captures your organization’s Belief System in a couple of sentences.
  10. Co-create “Behavioral Basics” that identify a code of conduct that provides guidance for every staff member in its interactions with one another, with residents, guests, vendors, etc.
  11. Conduct regular Residents’ Satisfaction Surveys, as well as co-worker surveys. Analyze, interpret and incorporate data input for continuous improvement of the operation.
  12. Interview and select personnel in alignment with your “cultural pillars” (Core Values, Credo, Behavioral Standards, etc.)
  13. Review personnel performance based on “cultural pillars” and job descriptions regularly.
  14. Reward exemplary performance, with imagination, regularly. Celebrate flourishing community!
  15. Consider consciously developing lingo, i.e., terminology, that reflects your organization’s values, life-style, work-style, etc.
  16. For branding purposes, consider development of a Motto or Slogan that reflects your center’s thriving community experience.