Organizational Culture Enhancement Retreats

These retreats are customized to suit each client's unique needs. Participation in culture enhancement retreats usually comprises of: 1) executives and key management from throughout the organization, or, 2) select representatives from throughout all levels of the client organization. i.e., from CEO to natural leaders among hourly staff.

In most cases, the content of these retreats is based on company-relevant data gathered, e.g., through one-on-one and/or group Listening Intensives held among all employee levels at the outset of the culture-building process.

While this initial data is vitally important, the goal of these retreats is to establish strong cultural benchmarks that will drive the company's culture, for example: it's Core Values (limit: 3 or 4), Organizational Purpose, Credo, Modus Operandi (MO) etc. Conversely, the retreat can also serve as a reaffirmation of tried and proven, company-specific benchmarks, identifying new means of plowing them into the fertile soil of the company's culture.

These retreats may also serve as catalyst for a newly arising, cohesive culture after a company has passed through a merger/acquisition phase, seeking active input from among all sectors of the newly merged company, honoring tried and proven benchmarks of their respective (former) company cultures.