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Perhaps Mr. Ahlers' greatest contribution was in his role as ‘Internal Consultant' to the executives of the company. He has an uncanny ability to quickly get to the real issues and obstacles, helping develop real and very pragmatic solutions . . . Mr. Ahlers provided the very foundation of the Ritz-Carlton hallmark for quality. John H. Richardson,  Former Vice President, Human Resources, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Jurgen Ahlers was instrumental in reinforcing the foundation and philosophy of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company . . . His tremendous contribution was invaluable. Herve Humler, President, COO, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, President, CEO, BVLGARI Hotels and Resorts

Jurgen Ahlers. . . a professional with vision and great expertise in leadership development and motivation. Craig T. Keller,  Vice President, Human Resources, Meridien Hotels, In

Jurgen was instrumental in the development of our company's philosophy and mission...as well as in the coaching of senior executives within the company to reach higher dimensions. . . Jurgen has sound training and development skills and knows how to motivate people to perform at their best. John Cottrill, COO, Loews Hotels and Resorts

Mr. Ahlers is a man of honor, integrity and vision. . . He is uplifting and challenging . . . As a member of our adjunct faculty, after having conducted a course on 'Advanced Service Management,' (which I sat in on most of the time) our students responded by lavishing praise on him. William E. Kent, Ph.D., Director, Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Auburn University

The systematic approach utilized by Jurgen Ahlers was key to understanding each individual that took part in the process, taking into consideration the values and perceptions we all had of what we were about to create. His understanding and facilitation went beyond what our words could phrase … and getting final consensus in producing a written document that would serve as our foundation. Attilio Marro, General Manager, BVLGARI Hotels and Resorts, Milan

Jurgen’s acumen and energy contributed greatly to the success of this project . . . The (training) programs have been very successful.  After each session employees . . .  give rave reviews and demonstrate improved morale and enthusiasm . . . Additionally, employers throughout the city are responding very favorably and their support continues to grow . . . This (comprehensive program) is making a real difference to our entire city . . . Jurgen’s inspiration and guidance enabled us to see that we could indeed make a difference. Bob F. McCoy, Executive Director, Convention and Visitors Bureau, The City of Winston-Salem, NC

Jurgen has been instrumental in helping us discover and ‘own’ the soul of our company. He knows how to motivate people to perform at their best. Bill Stringlis, President, Mrs. Smith’s Bakeries, Atlanta